The First Steps in Filing for Bankruptcy

You’re in Debt, Now What? No one expects to have to file for bankruptcy. However, when you have accumulated debts which far exceed your assets or earnings, and see no other viable option to put your financial life back together, bankruptcy can be an effective way to wipe the slate clean, and get you back […]

Your First Bankruptcy Consultation

At your first bankruptcy consultation it is important to provide your Denver Bankruptcy attorney a snapshot of your assets and liabilities. It does not have to be precise; the exact dollar amounts can be determined later. Debts must be categorized into different categories because the Bankruptcy Code treats them differently. We need to know what […]

What To Do If a Debt Collector Sues You

If debt collectors are harassing you, it pays to know your rights and to have an aggressive, experienced advocate that knows how to deal with them both legally and practically. The attorneys of Long & Long, P.C. have decades of experience in thousands of bankruptcy cases. Few law firms can match the dedication, professionalism and experience of Long & Long, P.C.. In fact, Attorney Martin Long is a former Trustee for the U. S. Bankruptcy Court. You can contact us by calling (303) 832-2655.