Do Student Loans Qualify for Bankruptcy?

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What is Retirement Bankruptcy?

With the advent of the retiring baby boomers it is not surprising that society is grappling on how to protect the baby boomers retirement nest egg from predatory and unscrupulous individuals as well as otherwise law abiding creditors who would have no compunction against suggesting that someone withdraw funds from their exempt retirement account or defer payment to their retirement to pay off their debts. Indeed, many baby boomers are held back from retirement due to debt.

Debt and Garnished Bank Accounts

Are you currently dealing with serious debt in Colorado? You may be facing the frightening and very real prospect of your creditors gaining the right to garnish (or withdraw funds directly) from your bank accounts in order to settle your unpaid debts.

What To Do If a Debt Collector Sues You

If debt collectors are harassing you, it pays to know your rights and to have an aggressive, experienced advocate that knows how to deal with them both legally and practically. The attorneys of Long & Long, P.C. have decades of experience in thousands of bankruptcy cases. Few law firms can match the dedication, professionalism and experience of Long & Long, P.C.. In fact, Attorney Martin Long is a former Trustee for the U. S. Bankruptcy Court. You can contact us by calling (303) 832-2655.