We felt very confident having LONG & LONG PC represent us. We received very good advice before, during, and even after our bankruptcy.


I tried a debt consolidation service that only resulted in my getting sued and wasting a great deal of money. I should have gone to LONG & LONG in the first place.

Tom B.

I had to get out of my house and other debts, yet keep my car. I had no idea what to do. Marty Long did a great job for me in court and I accomplished all of my goals.


If you have a small business facing a major debt challenge, I highly recommend hiring LONG & LONG PC.

Jackie M.

Being retired and on a fixed income, I was afraid of losing my home. You helped me get rid of my unsecured debt so I could keep my home as well as my car. Throughout the bankruptcy process I was always confident I was in good hands.