• Martin Long is a former Trustee for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court with over 30 years experience.
    • We are compassionate to those in financial trouble.
    • We offer quality representation within your budget.

    Consumer Bankruptcy

    Consumer Bankruptcy is designed for debtors in financial difficulty who do not have the ability to pay their existing debts.This may occur because of divorce, illness, unemployment, unexpected lawsuits or any other unforeseen circumstance that renders the individual insolvent.

    Small Business Bankruptcy

    Small businesses, just like consumers, can benefit from bankruptcy, particularly where the owner is personally liable for the business debt. In many cases, the owner can eliminate burdensome debt so the business can continue operating.
      • We help you explore the best debt resolution strategy. It may be bankruptcy, or one of many alternatives to bankruptcy--namely debt settlement or loan modification.
      • You will be guided through the bankruptcy process by the experienced hand of a former United States Bankruptcy Court Trustee.
      • We help you reestablish your credit and counsel you on your new financial future-- empowering you to make good financial decisions through bankruptcy and beyond.

      I tried a debt consolidation service that only resulted in my getting sued and wasting a great deal of money. I should have gone to LONG & LONG in the first place.

      – Tom B.
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