Can You File Bankruptcy By Yourself?

Long & Long Team

If you have significant debt, you may already be aware that filing for bankruptcy can ease this pressure and serve as an avenue towards debt relief.

To keep expenses as low as possible in this already financially strenuous time, you may be wondering if filing for bankruptcy is possible without an attorney. The short answer is: yes, you technically can do it yourself, however by not consulting an attorney you take on a number of risks that can easily be avoided. Filing on your own is possible, although consulting an attorney for advice at the very least is strongly recommended. If you or a loved one is currently facing a debt crisis, consider the risks below, then contact Denver bankruptcy attorneys Long & Long for advice before attempting to file on your own.

The Risks of Not Using An Attorney for Bankruptcy

If you are determined to file for bankruptcy on your own, it is critical to not overlook any aspects of the process. Since bankruptcy is often time-sensitive, making one mistake can not only set you back even further financially, but can give creditors access to your wages, personal bank accounts, and assets while you are struggling to correct your mistakes. Potential mistakes in the filing process include, but are not limited to:

  • Missing key information or necessary documents
  • Filing the wrong chapter of bankruptcy
  • Not considering other options like debt consolidation
  • Not qualifying for bankruptcy
  • Not needing to file for bankruptcy in the first place

Given the unique nature of each bankruptcy case, a variety of things must be evaluated before gathering information and ultimately submitting your filing. In addition to deciding which chapter to file for, and gathering the necessary documents, consider that bankruptcy may not even be the right solution for you!

Are You Worried About the Cost of an Attorney?

Worried about the cost? Your Denver bankruptcy attorney understands that this is a financially strenuous time for you and has helped many clients in very similar situations. It is important to think of working with a bankruptcy attorney as an investment that will make your debt relief process made simple and lead to financial security and peace of mind. At Long & Long, we offer a range of options including payment plans, flat fees, and having your fees potentially absorbed into your chapter 13 payment plan, depending on your scenario. For more details, please contact us for a free consultation.

Why an Attorney is Worth It – And Then Some

Bankruptcy attorneys in Denver deal with situations like yours on a daily basis and know the bankruptcy process inside and out. Whether you cannot meet credit card payments, are falling behind on your mortgage, or are completely insoluble, your Denver bankruptcy attorney will serve as a trusted advisor in your time of need. By creating a custom plan from the ground-up and taking the responsibility out of your hands, from the moment you contact a bankruptcy attorney you will be on the right track towards a financially stable future

Don’t Do It Alone! Contact Denver Bankruptcy Attorneys Long & Long

As a former trustee for the bankruptcy court, Martin Long has over 20 years experience dealing with bankruptcy matters. Although your scenario is unique, the Denver bankruptcy attorneys at Long & Long have seen hundreds of very similar cases in the past. You trust doctors with your health, so trust a bankruptcy professional with your debt matters! Many of our clients are struggling financially, will create a payment plan that works for you. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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